Rehab chair that reduces the strain of breastfeeding posture


Thank you to all the postpartum moms out there.

Are you feeling tired from the hectic start of caring for your baby while your body is still not fully recovered?

This time, we will talk about the burden of breastfeeding.

If you are having difficulty breastfeeding, please take a look at this.

◎ Breastfeeding posture

Ideally, breastfeeding time should be a time when both mother and baby feel happy.

The breastfeeding posture should, of course, allow the baby to drink easily, but it is also important that the mother does not feel any pain in her back, hips, shoulders, etc. for the few minutes to a few tens of minutes.

Here are some common breastfeeding positions:


① Sit on a chair:

Sit on a chair or cushion that provides good support for your back.

Place the baby on your lap with his or her head and body facing towards you.

Support your baby's head with your hands and bring your nipple close to his or her mouth.

② Lying down:

Lie on your side and support your baby's head with one arm, while your other arm lifts your baby up and points him or her towards your breast.

This is ideal for late nights or other times when mothers want to relax.

③Cross-cradle position:

This is what is known as a side-holding position.

The mother supports the baby's head with one hand and the baby's body with the other. The baby is lifted so that he is lying on his side and facing the breast.

This position is said to make breastfeeding easier as it allows the baby to easily access the nipple.

④ Standing posture:

The mother stands upright and has the baby sit on her lap.

Support your baby's head with your hands and point it towards your breast.

This position allows the mother to breastfeed while remaining upright.


Of the four positions above, the one you are most likely to be taught during your stay at the maternity hospital is

③ This is the cross cradle position.

This is said to be the easiest position for breastfeeding a baby whose neck is not yet strong and whose body is still small.

However, the disadvantage of this position is that it can put a strain on the mother.

◎Key points for cross-cradle position

Here are some tips to help you breastfeed comfortably in the cross-cradle position.


① Place the arm supporting the baby's head on something.

This does not have to be a nursing cushion, but supporting the mother's elbow will prevent her arm from getting tired and make it easier for the baby to drink steadily. Try resting your arm on the armrest of a sofa or similar.

② Support the baby near your elbow

It is important to use your elbows, not your wrists, to support your baby's bottom and back. The further away from your elbows you are, the more strength you will need.

Trying to support your baby using only your palms and wrists can lead to wrist problems.

Supporting your baby close to your elbow reduces strain on your wrist and helps keep your baby more stable.

③A chair with just the right amount of hardness

Avoid soft sofas that mom can sink into.

If you breastfeed on a soft sofa where the mother sinks in while sitting, your posture will gradually deteriorate and it will put strain on your lower back.

④ Avoid slouching

I'm concerned about how my baby is doing while I'm breastfeeding, but if I keep looking at my baby the whole time, I'll end up hunching over.

This puts a lot of strain on your neck and shoulders.

Check on your baby from time to time and breastfeed in a position that puts as little strain on your neck as possible.


If you are still unable to stabilize your pelvis or your posture even after taking note of the points above, a pelvic support chair may be a good option.

◎Rahaby Chair

Thanks to the special seat and backrest structure, this chair helps you naturally maintain good posture.


  1. Firmly supports the back of the pelvis
  2. The seat fits snugly to stabilize the pelvis.
  3. Compress the back of the pelvis from both sides
  4. The moderate rocking motion prevents muscle stiffness
  5. You can choose a comfortable posture by tilting the seat to your liking.

It is highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers because it allows you to sit in a posture that is less stressful for you without having to consciously adjust your posture when breastfeeding.

Kazuyoshi Kamata (PhD, Physiotherapist)

I am a physical therapist and an expert in "physical movement science" who earned a PhD from the University of Tokyo Graduate School.

I accompanied the Japanese delegation to the Atlanta and Sydney Olympics, and worked at the Athletes' Village Clinic for about two months during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In recent years, we have also been focusing on women's health, offering individual care and holding study sessions.

Women often have joint problems, especially pre- and post-partum women, and while some may think that the problem is only temporary, if left untreated it can become a constant problem for years to come.

Furthermore, making things as comfortable as possible for mothers who are shouldering the huge task of raising children is an important point in ensuring family happiness, and I believe it has great social value.

I hope that the rehabilitation chair that I developed will be helpful to many mothers.

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