Realign Insole Sports Product Quality

リアライン・インソール・スポーツ 本体品質について

Thank you for purchasing ReaLine Insole Sports. We would like to inform you of the quality of the product as follows.

[Arch pad hardness]

Arch pads made of EVA material may vary from one to another depending on the manufacturing environment, but we measure their hardness with a hardness tester and only use those that are within the specified range.

*There is no problem with use even if there is a difference in color intensity or between the left and right sides.

[Attaching the arch pad]

If the size does not match, we will exchange it. Due to the nature of the EVA material, it may not be fixed in the insole or may protrude, but it is sold as an insole that will become accustomed to it with use.

* Turn the shoe inside out and place the arch pad inside the shoe so that it does not fall off.

*Press the arch pad in with your finger so that it fits snugly.

We sell the product after confirming that the above points do not affect its performance. We do not accept exchanges. Thank you for your understanding.


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