Gently supports your waist!


\Gently supports your waist/

Hello! It's rehearsal!
This time, the new product of Rehaby that has started selling
「Rahaby Beli(Rehabybelt)
to introduce!

◎ What is Rehaby Belt?
Rehaby・The belt is
An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) was developed by
It is a product called a so-called "pelvic belt".

Many pelvic belts are sold in the market.
Unlike any other product,
For reliable lower back support
is made.

What is the difference
Rehaby・Because of its shape, the belt does not need to be tightened.
It is designed not to occur.
Conventional pelvic belts not only
It often puts pressure on blood vessels and nerves.
Because of that another part
Things can get worse.

Also, in the buttocks behind the pelvis
A joint called the sacroiliac joint
By firmly supporting the four attached pads
It creates a waist that is comfortable and easy to move.

How do you like the new products from Rehaby?


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