pain…! ! ! I sprained again...

< don't you have a habit of spraining? >

Ankle sprains can occur in professional athletes,
even sports enthusiasts
Even students in club activities
can happen to anyone,
It's one of those familiar injuries.

Completely healed with one sprain,
If you can return to sports
Good, but
over and over again,
supporters and
There may be some people who can't let go of taping.

This time, about why sprains repeat
I'm going to talk about it from the point of view of a physical therapist.

The most common ankle sprain is
It is called an inversion sprain.
A sprain in which the toe rolls outward.

In the case of this sprain, the strain is placed on the outside of the foot.
it will damage the ligaments.

Here, the ligament should be firmly repaired
if not,
It can lead to chronic ankle instability.

This is one of the causes of repeated sprains.
*Because it is only one of the causes,not all apply
please note.

Unstable joints are
Similarly, repetitive inversion sprains are more likely to occur.

Then, in order not to become unstable
What should I do?

Don't regard a sprain as "only a sprain"
If the pain lasts a long time,
If swelling does not subside
It is important to get proper medical attention

I have already sprained repeatedly,
"I feel like my ankle is loose..."
If you are aware of this, please consult with us once.

Get a diagnosis at a medical institution,
with proper rehabilitation
Stable ankle joint
You can prevent repeated sprains.

Even more frightening, chronic ankle instability
It is also said to affect the knee joint.
Specifically, it is called osteoarthritis of the knee.
With osteoarthritis of the knee,
Knee pain and restricted movement.
When it gets worse, it becomes an artificial knee joint
In many cases, replacement surgery is performed.

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