Reason 1 that the condition of the knee is not good


Are you worried that your knees are not feeling well?

Those who play sports
Those who feel that their knees are not in good condition
I'm sure there are many of you.

especially twisted or something special
Even though it wasn't
There are many reasons why you may feel discomfort in your knees.

From the point of view of a physical therapist,
I will introduce one of the causes.

knee joint is
The femur, which is the bone of the thigh, and
The tibia (keikotsu) in the calf and
Patella, also known as a plate
There are bones such as

If these bones are moving normally during exercise
You can move without feeling discomfort in your knees.

However, in some cases, the tibia in the calf area is larger than normal.
Some are slightly twisted outward.

In a state that is slightly twisted outward from this normal
By repeatedly bending and stretching the knee
Surrounding tissues, muscles, ligaments
You may get hurt.

This is what causes the discomfort.

Then, whether the knee is twisted or not
how to make a decision
I'm not very professional
It's hard to judge.

First of all, it is necessary to have a doctor's diagnosis and correct rehabilitation.
very important ◎

If it is diagnosed that there is no abnormality in the bone
This may be due to pain in the surrounding muscles and ligaments.
Please use this article as a reference!

After the pain is gone, as a self-training
I have introduced it in a previous column.BalanceShoesYou can also use

Please use it as a reference★

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