Reason 2 that the condition of the knee is not good


"Difficult to bend or straighten the knee"
Do you have such a problem?

It doesn't bother me that much when I'm exercising
Somehow it's hard to bend and straighten your knees
For those who feel
May be problematic from a physiotherapist's point of view
I would like to tell you the reason.

It has a lot to do with knee flexion and extension.
Extends from the thigh to just below the kneecap
Movement of tissues such as muscles and ligaments.

When these movements are impaired, bending and stretching movements
You may feel uncomfortable.

If the movement gets worse, it means that it is frozen
The nuance is a little different
It is also called adhesion (yuchaku) in a word that is often used.

Once you are able to heal,
The many muscles and other tissues around the knee
They are unable to perform their roles well.

In a different expression, you can also say that the slippage is bad.

To improve slipperiness, an experienced
Best to ask a therapist

However, some people take care of themselves
I hope you will
In that case, so-called massage from the thigh to the plate,
under the plate
Please be gentle and try it for a short time.

If you do it frequently for a long time and strongly
Because there is a possibility that the badness of the slip will worsen
Care must be taken.

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