Reason 3 for poor knee condition


"Inner knee hurts!"
Continuing to play sports
More or less, the knee will be strained.

Some people feel pain due to the burden
without feeling hurt
Some people can enjoy sports all the time.

In particular, there are many complaints of pain on the inside of the knee.
Even if you are examined at a hospital,
The reality is that sometimes the cause is unknown.

This time, about pain on the inside of the knee
I will speak from the point of view of a physical therapist.

There are many tissues inside the knee.
Densely overlapping.
Tissue refers to ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

These organizations are usually
Each one runs smoothly.

Moving smoothly means that the relationship between organizations
It glides well and moves without catching.

However, if the knee moves abnormally
Those organizations will get caught.
This causes pain.

previously posted
As in "The reason why my knees are not in good condition Part 1"
Twisted knees,
This means that the movement is not normal.

Once pain occurs
Proper medical treatment is necessary.

In order to keep the knee moving normally, learning the correct movement,
Strength is essential.
of RealLineBalanceShoesteeth
The knee can learn the correct movement
Simple item!

BalanceShoesalso regarding
I have introduced before
Please refer to them.

From top athletes,
In many situations such as club activities in high school
We are using it!

It is important to prevent injuries

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