Solving your postpartum beauty concerns


\We will solve your postpartum beauty concerns/

Post-pregnancy moms, are you happy with your post-pregnancy figure?
During pregnancy, various changes occur in your body to protect your baby.

The visible changes are
The change in attitude and style is obvious.
Specifically, the weight you gain from being less active can ruin your figure,
As your belly gets bigger, your posture may become hunched, your waist may become too curved, and you may start walking with your legs wide apart...

After giving birth, my weight returned to normal, but for some reason my belly was still squishy and I couldn't get my shape back...

Slouching and bow-legged walking often become ingrained and are difficult to improve.

The main reason why weight doesn't return to normal is because the function of the muscles and joints before pregnancy deteriorates over the course of just a few months.

At Reauty, we introduce methods and items to help postpartum mothers regain the beauty they have lost!

"I gave birth so it can't be helped..."
Don't give up. Why not take care of yourself and regain your pre-pregnancy beauty?

Kazuyoshi Kamada (@kazuyoshigamada), a doctor of physical therapy and an academic who knows everything about distortions
is committed to helping women restore their beauty after giving birth!

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