Solving postpartum "beauty" concerns


\Solve postpartum “beauty” concerns/

Postpartum moms, are you satisfied with your postpartum style?
To protect the baby in the womb during pregnancy
Various changes occur in the body.

In visible changes,
There is a notable change in attitude and style.
Specifically, with less activity,
with the weight that has increased
out of style,
As the belly grows, the stoop and waist are extremely along
I end up walking like a crab...

Even if the weight returns to normal after giving birth
For some reason, my stomach is bunnyobunyo and my style hasn't returned...

Stooped back and crab legs have become established
It often doesn't get better.

Many reasons for not returning
Pre-pregnancy muscle and joint function
It's because it's gotten worse between the tenth of October.

At Reauty, for such postpartum moms
How to regain lost "beauty"
Introducing items!

"It can't be helped because I gave birth..."
Don't give up and take care
Would you like to regain your pre-pregnancy “beauty”?

An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata(@kazuyoshigamada)
is serious about restoring the beauty of postpartum women!


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