aligning the pelvis


< do you know the importance of trim your pelvis? >

If you really think about the pelvis,
connected to the spine,
It is also connected to the base of the foot.

The pelvis is in the center of the body,
It is a very important part that connects the upper body and the lower body.
From a physiotherapist's point of view
By adjusting the pelvis,
You may be able to use your body better.

train hard
Even if I try to gain strength,
If the training form is not correct
It doesn't work as expected.

The power that was further trained
to maximize
Various joints of the body must move smoothly.
Improving performance is difficult.

to get the form right
To use the joints of the body smoothly
Sometimes it is necessary to prepare from the pelvis.

golf swing,
such as baseball pitching,
For sports that use the trunk firmly
The pelvis is especially important.

It doesn't matter where it hurts
When performance does not improve for some reason
Including the pelvis, whether your body is in order
Why don't you review it?

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