This time, the pelvis/thoraxarrange the "ReaLine·core"

◎ReaLine・What is a core?
ReaLine・The core is the pelvis andthoraxarrange
This item is shaped like a belt.
pelvis andthoraxwhile applying moderate pressure
By doing simple exercises such as deep breathing and stepping
The ideal pelvis that should bethoraxposition.

It doesn't take long to fix
Those who love
before practice, before a game, etc.
as conditioning
Many people are incorporating it.

pelvis andthoraxRegarding the importance of arranging
Since it is summarized in the previous article and the article before the previous article
Please use it as a reference!

ReaLine- Cores can be purchased,
We also have a rental system!
For those who are considering purchasing a rental
Recommended for those who want to try it.

You can use it from ¥ 2,000- per week,
From the second week onwards, the credit card used for the procedure
will be automatically withdrawn from
No hassle.
(Of course, it is possible to return it within a week!)

After completing the procedure on our website, the next day at the shortest
We will deliver to the specified address.

Put the return in the same box as when it arrived,
Just hand it over to the dealer
It's very easy.

"Before the gameReaLineI want to try it! "
「ReaLineI want to experience the effect of ”
It is a popular system for such people!

You can view it from the official website below.
Please refer to it ☺️


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