Do you know why your back hurts?


[Do you know why your back is under strain?]

Concerns about the lower back can arise in a variety of jobs.

Standing job
Sitting for long periods of time
It's not like I'm moving that much
Why does my back hurt?
Do you know the cause of this?

"Poor posture"
That's it in one word!

If poor posture continues
The muscles around your waist become tense.

When tension continues, it is often used in the medical field.
It is called "myofascial lower back pain."
Back pain develops.

This back pain is caused by muscle tension.
It can be improved by relieving
Improving the work environment
It can reduce pain.

If you work while standing,
You need to take some time to sit down and relax.

If you work at a desk, adjust the height of your chair and desk.
There are some cases where adjustments can improve the situation.

Tips for choosing a chair or desk
You can check by searching on various websites.
Chair: A chair that is tall enough that you can stand up straight and keep your feet on the floor
Desk: Height where your elbows can bend at a 90 degree angle and the computer screen is at eye level
can prevent poor posture.

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