What the hell is Reauty Roll? !

Reauty Roll(リューティ・ロール)って一体何?!

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"Reauty Roll"
We will talk about this in detail this time!

Reauty Roll is
An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) was developed by
"beautiful posture"
"beautiful style"
"Good sleep"
It is an item that supports!

The size is 98 cm long, 13 cm wide, and 13 cm high.
It is lightweight at 961g, so it does not take up much space in your home.
Easy to carry.

Very simple and easy to use
Simply place the Roll on a flat floor and lie down on it!
Just open your arms lightly and let it loose
Because it stretches the front of the chest moderately,
Hard and painful exercises
there is no need.

When the front of the chest is stretched,
It becomes easier to straighten the spine,
It becomes easier to take a beautiful posture and style.

again,thoraxBecause it becomes easier to move the
Breathe deeply and improve sleep quality

Reauty Roll with many effects in one
Why not try it?

Mothers who have postpartum posture concerns
Recommended for those who tend to lose their posture due to desk work!

Of course, it has a tightening effect while riding
You can also exercise!

More on exercise in a later post.
I will post it, so please check it out★

From profile link
Various information is also available.

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