ReaLine・How to use core basics I

【ReaLine・ How to use the core basics I]

This time, the pelvis/thoraxarrange
Here are some basic exercises for!

ReaLine・The core is
Even for a short period of time, such as before practice or before a game
thorax・You can adjust the pelvis.

● Pelvic exercise ●
in the pelvisReaLine・Stomping while the core is wound.
After repeating the stepping several times, the tightening becomes loose a little.
If you feel your legs getting lighter, your pelvis is in the correct position.
It's a sign!

thoraxToReaLine・Take a deep breath while rolling the core.
You may find it difficult to breathe at first
Breathing will gradually become easier.
If you feel that you are breathing easier,thoraxis the correct move
It's a sign that you're getting ready!

ReaLine・We also sell cores
We also have a rental system that can be used for a short period of time!

The rental system is recommended for those who:
・ Those who want to try it out
・Overseas expedition for athletes
・Conditioning for weekend golf

For details and applications for the rental system,
Visit the official website from the link below!
In addition,ReaLineteeth
We have a lot of items to prepare the body.

You can also see it from the official website
Please refer to it ☺️

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