How to use RealLine Sprint

ReaLine Sprintの使い方

How to use RealLine Sprint】

introduced in the previous post
ReaLine Sprint(ReaLine・Sprint)
This time, I will introduce how to use it in detail.

This splint can be used immediately after the sprain.
I talked about it in my previous post,
Not only sprains, but also treatment after injury
Basic rest, cooling, compression, and elevation
It has been said for a long time.
ReaLine・The sprint takes this resting part
Mainly helps.

ReaLine・The purpose of using Sprint is
It is to protect the ligaments that have been damaged by sprains.

Also, the downward movement of the ankle after a sprain (tiptoe movement)
That movement also puts strain on the ligaments.
It can unnecessarily extend the injured area.
to minimize injury
You can also call it item.

After a sprain, the site where cooling (icing) is actively performed
I think there are many
Icing is possible even with the splint on.

When you actually wrap it around your feet, it will look like the image, so
It is also possible to apply ice etc. from the gap.
Minimizing injuries can improve subsequent healing
can be faster.
For athletes
When I can return is a very important question.

By all means, this sprint
For individual athletes,
I want my team to have one


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