How to use ReaLine Sprint

ReaLine Sprintの使い方

How to use ReaLine Sprint

Introduced in the previous post
ReaLine Sprint
This time, we will introduce how to use it in detail.

This splint can be used immediately after a sprain.
I mentioned this in a previous post,
It has long been said that the basic treatment for injuries, not just sprains, is rest, ice, compression, and elevation.
The Realign Splint mainly helps with this part of rest.

The purpose of using the Realign Splint is to protect ligaments that have been injured in a sprain.

Also, pointing your ankle down after a sprain (standing on your toes)
This movement can also put strain on the ligaments and unnecessarily widen the injured area.
Another way of saying this is that they are items designed to minimize injury.

Many clinics proactively apply cooling (icing) after a sprain, but icing is possible even while wearing a splint.

When you actually wrap it around your foot, it will take the shape shown in the image, so you can apply ice or other things through the gaps.
Minimizing injury can help you heal faster afterwards.
For athletes,
When you can return is a very important question.

I encourage individual athletes to try this sprint.
This is a must-have item for your team!

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