The secret of Rehaby chair!

Rehaby chairの秘密!

[Rehaby chair secret! ]

Designed for those who have trouble sitting
Rehaby Chair(Rehaby·chair)!
This time, I will talk about the secret of its structure.

In the previous post, the sitting posture is in the direction of opening the pelvis
stress = force
I talked about it.

From this idea, the Rehaby Chair is
To reduce the stress
It was made with a design that gently wraps around the pelvis.

As shown in the 2nd and 3rd images
It has a structure that allows the backrest to move.
This structure really reduces the stress on the pelvis!
Also, even if it moves,
Because it is not a pressure that tightens strongly
The fit feels like it's being wrapped gently.
You can sit.

When I sit on my chair and work
Don't lean too much on the backrest
I think some people are a little forward.
However, if you lean forward, your neck will protrude forward.
It can also put strain on your neck and shoulders.

The Rehaby Chair sits firmly on the backrest
By putting the waist from the buttocks
In addition to gently wrapping the pelvis
without leaning forward
So-called good posture can be taken naturally
Because it is made at an angle like
Not only the pelvis, but also the burden from the shoulder to the neck
It also has a mitigating effect!

This is a compact and portable legless chair.
Perfect for long trips from the office to home, bullet trains, etc.

Those who have difficulty sitting, those who travel for long periods of time or have many meetings
Would you like to try it once?

Of course, we also sell
For those who want to try the effect,
We also have a rental system!
From ¥2,000 per week, it will be delivered to your home immediately after ordering.
It's very easy to send it back, just put it in the box it arrived in!


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