Don't you think that only muscle training can bring back your style?


After childbirth, the body shape does not return as expected
I think that there are not many women who have troubles.

I'm doing my best and doing muscle training every day
I don't have a bulging stomach
Sagging buttocks do not return
I've met many moms with similar problems.

why are you trying so hard
won't you go back
This time, I will explain about it.

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy
The most visible change is
Your stomach will grow.

As your belly grows
The so-called abdominal muscles are gradually stretched.
stretched abdominal muscles
What happens is that it becomes disconnected.

Separation means
the muscle fibers spread apart,
In other words, the state before pregnancy is the state of the muscles
It means that things will change.

As muscles contract and lengthen,
I'll show you the power
When you are separated, you can not shrink or stretch well
You won't be able to reach your full potential.

In that state, even if you work hard at muscle training,
because my muscles are not working properly
I can tighten as much as I want
I can't.

First of all, after improving the function of the abdominal muscles
Training will pay off
You'll get back faster


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