What do you do after a sprain?


[how do you deal with sprain? ]

A sprain is a common injury in sports.
How do you cope immediately after a sprain?

It has long been said that
There is a treatment method.

this is,
Four words: rest, cooling, compression, elevation
In English, it is a word that takes its initials.

Today, various elements have been added to this word.
Although it is said differently,
Basically, you should do these four things
I don't think the principles have changed.

I will introduce this time
ReaLine Sprint(ReaLine・Sprint)
When used at rest,
It is a product that can prevent the spread of damage to the affected area.

Even if it's just a slight twist,
A sprain is when tissues such as the ligaments of the ankle
It hurts big and small.
The wounded state
When you try to move your legs
It can spread and become difficult to treat.

ReaLineA sprint is a movement that extends the ankle
(In a standing state, tiptoe movement)
can be restricted.

This movement is called plantarflexion.
Restricting plantar flexion immediately after a sprain
as i wrote earlier
It prevents damage to tissues such as ligaments from spreading.
At the sports scene,
Such as restricting movement by taping, etc.
Although there are cases
Taping will loosen over time.
This sprint should not be completely bottomless
Faster than taping because it can be fixed
Easy to use.

Also, while sprinting
Since it is possible to cool
It is possible to care while wearing it at home ◎

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