Why does my back hurt when I sit?


[Why does my back hurt when I sit down? ]

For salaried workers and OLs who mainly do desk work
Back pain is one of the most common worries.

Not only at work, but when watching TV or movies,
When you're sitting on a chair, such as when you're eating
It is quite possible that it can cause back pain.

So why does your back hurt?

Of course, there is the question of how to sit.
so-called bad posture
Sitting with your back excessively rounded
You may experience pain in your lower back or back.
In addition to this, at the desk of the company, it was suitable for my physique
using a chair or desk
Putting strain on your pelvis can cause pain.

Specifically, the burden on the pelvis is the direction in which the pelvis opens.
Here, it means that force is applied.
This is due to the structure of the body,
It happens to everyone when they sit down.

When a force in the opening direction is continuously applied,
direct pelvic pain and
It puts strain on your lower back and back muscles.
This is often the cause of back pain.

Therefore, Kazuyoshi Kamata, a doctor of medicine and physical therapist (@kazuyoshigamada)teeth
A legless chair that reduces the burden on the pelvis when sitting,
Rehaby Chair(Rehaby・Chair) was developed!

Rehaby・The chair is
The pelvis that tends to open when sitting,
It is structured so that force is applied in the tightening direction!
Therefore, it reduces the burden and eliminates the cause of pain.
A preventive effect can be expected.

As it is a small legless chair that can be carried around,
It is possible to put it on the usual chair and use it!

From its release to the present,
In addition to using it during desk work,
When sitting in daily life, when breastfeeding a baby,
Waiting rooms such as clinics,
In the bus at the time of the athlete's long-term expedition, etc.
It is a popular product playing an active part in various scenes!

Those who feel pain in sitting, once
Rehaby・Would you like to try the chair?
"Is it really going to be fun?"
I think there are people who think so,
It is possible to purchase
We also have a rental system that can be used from 1 week with a simple trial!
(You can see it from the URL in my profile!)
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Rehaby supports those who work hard!

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