Don't you feel bad for cats?


For nursing mothers,
When you're holding your baby in a carrier
breastfeeding etc.
There are many scenes where you become a cat.

The posture in which the back is rounded,
Excessive strain on the neck and shoulders
It causes pain in that part, headaches, etc.
It is possible.

I'm so busy that I tend to put myself on the back burner
there are many moms
While holding the trouble that may happen ahead
Raising children is much more difficult.
With a little ingenuity, you can prevent malfunction.

◎ Posture of the cuddle string
Adjusting the strap is very important.
Often at supermarkets, etc.
The baby is not snugly attached to the mother,
I see you lazy.
This system is not stable for babies,
It puts a lot of strain on mom's shoulders and neck.
Position the baby as close as possible,
Adjust your laces!

◎ Nursing posture
During breastfeeding, use a pillow like a nursing cushion as much as possible.
can raise the baby a little
Try to keep your position.
With a cushion, the baby is stable,
It also reduces the strain on your arms.
Also, I am worried about my baby while breastfeeding.
looking down at the baby all the time
It puts strain on your neck and shoulders.
It may even interfere with your baby's breathing.
While dropping only the line of sight and checking the posture in the mirror
Breastfeeding can reduce mom's fatigue!

For mom and baby
Being cat-backed
The minus part is big!
Please check the points I wrote this time
Please take a look ◎

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