joints are consumables


[Joints are consumables]

One of the concerns athletes have
Deformation of joints may occur.

Early osteoarthritis is
It is one of the most commonly diagnosed diseases in young athletes.
Deformity at all joints
although it could happen
It often occurs in the knees and hips.

This time the early days of the athlete
For hip osteoarthritis
I would like to write an article about it.

As the title says,
Joints are consumables
As you use it, the cartilage gradually wears away.
It progresses to deformation of the joint itself.

Cartilage wear is caused by compressive force applied to the cartilage.
If a shearing force or the like is added to it, it will progress further.
Athletes are constantly overworking their legs.
Run, fly, cut back and stop suddenly,
All of these movements put a strain on the joints.

Then, to stop this cartilage from wearing down
Is it possible?

The answer is, it's hard to stop.

However, by using it carefully,
You can enjoy sports for a long time!

First and foremost is daily physical care.
Especially around the buttocks and inside and outside of the hip joints.
Tissues such as muscles that exist here
If the function cannot be fully demonstrated
It puts more stress on your hip joint than necessary.

Conversely, by fully demonstrating the functions
It protects your joints.

In addition to daily care, improvement of movement is also essential.
If the movement of the joint itself is not normal, it will take a load.
By moving and using the correct body
You can reduce the strain on your joints.

For those who are worried about their hip joints, once daily care and
Would you like to review how you use your body?

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