Poor shoulder movement is not only the shoulder problem? !


[isn't the shoulder the only problem with the bad shoulder movement? ! ]

In my last post, I talked about 40 shoulders and 50 shoulders.
This time I will talk about the continuation of that.

Shoulder pain and poor movement
Actually, shoulders may not be the only problem.
As for the pain, it is caused by inflammation around the shoulder.
often occur,
If treatment such as rehabilitation and injections continues
It often gets better.

However, even if the pain improves
There are many cases where the badness of movement remains.

In that case, pay attention to parts other than the shoulder
I need to improve my movement.

Specifically, the pelvis andthoraxwith shoulders such as
It is a connected upper body movement.
especially the shoulder joint andthoraxare closely related,
thoraxdoes not work well
Directly affects shoulder movement.
Also thatthoraxis also close to the pelvis,
connected to the pelvis,
Back muscles and abdominal muscles (abdominal muscles, etc.)
thoraxIf you restrict the movement of
thoraxwill affect the movement of

Therefore, the tissue such as muscles around the shoulder
improve flexibility
If motion does not improve,
It is possible to see the movement from around the pelvis
You may need it.

If you are worried about not improving your shoulder movement,
If the treatment facility you are attending only cares about your shoulders
If you feel
One option is to try other hospitals or clinics once.

Also, using stretching equipment
It is also recommended to trim the whole body.

Able to align the pelvis and spine
You can easily self-care by using the roll!

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