Do you need postpartum care?


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Recently, postpartum mother care
The need has come to be said a lot.
Some maternity hospitals also have postnatal care outpatient clinics
It is increasing.

Many changes occur in the body during pregnancy
The change will continue for a while after giving birth.

Specifically, the balance of hormones is temporarily disturbed.
Those who have given birth
you may have heard
Immediately after giving birth, a period called the puerperal period begins.
During this period, hormonal imbalances are particularly likely to occur.
It's a period that can't be done.

After the puerperal period, the body returns to its original state.
Because I have to take care of my baby,
I need to rest when I can rest
Tiredness gradually builds up in the body,
It can cause discomfort.

There are various types of disorders
mental problems,
Problems such as being in pain somewhere and not being able to move,
Although not sick
I can't get my body back
There is also something like that.

In Reauty, it is said that the body shape does not return
We deal with items that solve mom's worries!

Disrupted hormonal balance
Resting will help you recover, but
Postpartum body shape is just resting,
Unfortunately it will not return.

If the body shape does not return, some people are worried about it
It's not good for mom's mental and physical health.
Cheerful and bright inside,
To become a beautiful mother on the outside
After getting a good rest
Would you like to take care of your body after giving birth?


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