hip joint problems


[Trouble of hip joint]

One of the most common problems athletes face
Movement of the hip joint and feeling of clogging can be given.
Although there may be pain
It's not so much that I can't move, but somehow it's hard to open
Have you ever felt that way?

The hip joint is a very flexible joint.
The high degree of freedom here means that
Not only does it bend and stretch like the fingers of a hand,
The hip joint is not only simply bent and extended.
move in and out,
It can also move like turning (rotation)
about it.

A high degree of freedom means that
various tissues such as muscle,
pulled (stretched)
You can say that it shrinks.

Near the hip joint are the thighs and buttocks.
These thigh and buttock muscles
It creates movement of the hip joint.
In other words, if these muscles are not in good condition,
Movement of the hip joint is also affected.
It is considered possible.

Especially around the buttocks, there are fine muscles and nerves.
These have a great influence on the movement of the hip joint.
Poor sliding between muscles,
If nerves are stuck
The hip joint does not move as expected.

Daily care is important to trim the condition around the buttocks.
basic flexibility such as stretching,
A light massage can help!

Grinding with a tennis ball or too strong a massage
On the contrary, because it worsens the sliding of muscles and nerves
I do not recommend doing it forcibly.

When you are not feeling well
decent medical facilities
Like doing a massage
Where Rehabilitation and Treatment Clinics Don't
You'll heal faster if you see a doctor.

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