Forty shoulders? Fifty shoulders?


[Forty shoulders? Fifty shoulders? 】

If you have ever heard the words 40 shoulders and 50 shoulders
I think there are many.
This is more than just a "stiff shoulder".

If you have symptoms in your 40s, you have “forty shoulders”
If symptoms appear in your 50s, it is said to be "frozen shoulders"
No significant difference in symptoms
Many medical institutions
Peri-arthritis of the shoulder joint, etc.
seems to be diagnosed.

Although some of the causes are not clear,
called the rotator cuff in the shoulder joint,
Inflammation of tissues important for movement of the shoulder
The cause is also said.

Forty shoulders and fifty shoulders in such situations
It interferes with daily life.
・When you tie your hair back
・When grabbing a strap on a train
・When changing clothes
・ When shampooing
・When drying the laundry, etc...

Things that were taken for granted in everyday life
Sudden pain or painless but unable to lift the shoulder
It becomes difficult.

When pain occurs in daily life, it affects work as well.
We often hear that the pain makes it difficult to concentrate.

pain, once the inflammation subsides
It is often reduced
Sometimes the shoulders get stiff as it is...

When it hardens,
It will take time to restore.
If you feel pain or difficulty moving
before it hardens
Seek medical attention as soon as possible
I recommend starting rehab!

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