Don't you ever get a wrist pain when you hold it in your arms?


When a baby is born, mother naturally
You will start cuddling a lot.

When I was just born
Light weight, even if you hold it for a long time
I think there are many moms who do not feel tired.
Well, I love my newborn baby
There are also people who actively hug.

However, the baby grows significantly
In three months, he will be twice as heavy as he was when he was born.
After half a year, there are individual differences
It's about three times bigger.

I am happy with my child's growth.
as you grow up
It's hard to hold
It's hard to put a strain on your wrist
How did you feel?

At times like that, it's one to try to devise a little way to cuddle!

If you support your buttocks with your palms when you hold them,
Uses a lot of wrist strength.
The wrist muscles are thinner than the shoulder,
The power that can be exerted is also small
too much burden
It may lead to fatigue and pain.

The third piece of the image "〇" is described in the photo
I'm holding it so that the buttocks come near the elbow.
The wrist is in a free state without applying force.
If you do that, you will have a muscle that is stronger than your wrist.
Because you can use the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders
You will feel less tired and less likely to suffer from pain!

as a baby being held
I can snuggle up to mom more closely,
Stability may also be higher than holding on the wrist
You can rest assured.

What kind of hug is your way of hugging?
If you have a problem with wrist fatigue, please try it ☆

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