You can choose from 2 types!ReaLineinsoles! ②


[Choose from 2 types!ReaLineinsoles! ②]

Hello! It's RealLine.
This time RealLine Insole Lite
(ReaLine・Insole light)
Introducing types!

ReaLineAll types of insoles are characterized by
(1) Gently and accurately supports the arch of the foot
(2) High grip that prevents feet from slipping
③ Fits anyone's feet! straighten the leg
There is a feature.

In addition to these three features, the light type
It has the following features☟

< RealLine Insole Lite >
As the name suggests, the light type
It is a "lighter" type than sports.
The insole itself is not very different from sports, but
Not the type to fit the pad,
Already built in (integrated)
There are some differences.

The red pad built into the sports type is
Made to be the softest
The light is made of a hardness equivalent to that red pad.

Therefore, it can be safely used by those who walk in daily life.
(This is because pads that are too hard can actually hurt your feet.)

Of course, it can also be used during sports,
about sports,
Because there is no anti-slip part called toe support
For running, training, etc.
Sudden stop motion or
It's suitable for making movements that don't cut back!

One thing to note is
Light type compared to sports type
If you use it constantly during the competition, it may wear out quickly.
Considering that point, according to the purpose of use
It is good to have you choose◎

It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from daily life to light exercise.
Gently protect your feet
RealLine Insole Lite! What do you think?

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