Why does my back hurt when I sit for long periods of time?

[why does your waist hurt when you sit for a long time? ]
Due to the influence of Corona,
Recently, the number of people working from home has increased
sitting and working
It must have increased.

At medical institutions, patients complaining of back pain
I have also heard that it is increasing.
This time, I'm going to talk about back pain like that.

Why are you sitting in the first place?
If my back hurts
Different from usual from the pelvis to the waist and back
being stressed
It will be the cause.

That's not to say that sitting isn't good,
Standing all the time can be tough.

The sitting posture
Joints in the pelvis are pulled apart
direction may be stressed.
Rather than actually being separated,
This means that there is a force acting in the opposite direction.

The force conveys tension to the muscles of the waist and back.
It can sometimes cause pain
It can also affect joints.

So in Rehaby, when I'm sitting
A chair that reduces the stress of pulling joints apart
We are developing!
Using this chair
To prevent the cause of pain
When you have to sit for long periods of time
Very useful.
For those with chronic pain
Sitting posture may be difficult even for a short time.
Anyway, it is recommended for those who have a scene to sit!

The product is scheduled to be released in 2022.
It is in the URL described in the profile
Blog (https://gamada-laboratory.com/210122-2/)
About the product,
I have an article that talks about
If you are interested, please take a look!

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