Are you worried about returning to work after giving birth?


moms on maternity leave
Are you worried about returning to work after giving birth?

I think there are many factors that cause anxiety.
❝Are you able to handle all work, housework, and childcare?❞
This may make many people feel uneasy.

・Time allowance
Both are essential, but
If both moms are not well,
I think it's a margin that can't be made.

Scheduled to be released this winter from Reauty
You can take measures against physical fatigue after returning to work after childbirth
New item!

Postpartum is more than you feel
I haven't regained my strength
Especially those in the service industry where standing work is the main,
Those in medical and nursing care who move a lot and do heavy work 
and so on
It is easy to suffer from leg fatigue and swelling.

Features of ReautyInsole
Gently and firmly supports the bones from the soles of the feet.
Also, instead of forcing your feet into the insole,
The insole gradually fit me
It will change shape.
The insole for exclusive use of oneself is completed
Helps prevent foot fatigue and swelling.

Insoles are used by athletes.
I think you have a strong impression that
It's also a useful item for postpartum women ☺️


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