You can choose from 2 types!ReaLineinsoles! ①


[Choose from 2 types!ReaLineinsoles! ①]

Hello! It's RealLine.
From this time there are two typesReaLine・Insole and
about the difference
I will tell you.

In the posts so far, among the insoles
ReaLine Insole Sports
(ReaLine・Insole Sports)
Recommended insoles during competition
I have introduced you to the center.
From this time on, another type of
ReaLine Insole Lite (ReaLine・Insole light) will also be introduced.

ReaLineAll types of insoles are characterized by
(1) Gently and accurately supports the arch of the foot
(2) High grip that prevents feet from slipping
③ Fits anyone's feet! straighten the leg
There is a feature.

Furthermore, in addition to these three features, the sports type
It has the following features☟

< ReaLine Insole Sports >
sports typeReaLine・Insole sports
This insole is selected from three types of pads (red, blue, black).
It is a type that you select and fit a pad with a hardness that suits your feet.
The hardness of the part that supports the sole of the foot varies from person to person,
The sense of what is good is different.
Insoles that are too soft to support
The meaning of putting it in disappears
If it is too hard, you may experience pain in your feet.

By choosing a firmness for sports types, the insole will fit your feet better.
It can be customized.
In addition, the toe part is called a toe support.
It has so-called non-slip transparent parts.

In case of sudden stop operation or turning back,
Power is applied to the toes.
At that time, if the toe support is attached
It is easier to stop even more tightly than when it is not attached,
It prevents your feet from slipping in your shoes!

I want to customize my own insoles!
I want an insole that stops firmly!
Recommended for those who say!

From the official website of the profile link
Product details and ordering are possible.
If you are interested, please take a look★

I hope this article is helpful!
if you can
I'm happy ☺️

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