Rehaby・Belt customer feedback

リハビー・ベルト お客様の声

【customer's voice】

Released in October
RehabyBelt (Rehabybelt)!
There are only a few left for secondary production, and from many people
We are contacting you.
thank you.

This time, how to use
I will introduce the contents of your question.

Q: How do I keep the belt from shifting?
What should I do?

A: First of all, when wrapping, over a lot of clothes
Try not to roll it.
In particular, materials such as shirts (blouses)
because it is slippery
We recommend wrapping it under your shirt.
Also, in the user manual it says in front of the pelvis
protruding bone
(ASIS: Anterior superior iliac spine)
Although it is described to be in the approximate position,
If the belt comes right above this bone,
It is easy to slip and move out of position.
The third yellow circle in the image is
showing the position of the bone
If you use a little below this bone as a guide, it will not slip off easily.
You can comfortably support your lower back.

Currently, some fitness and hospitals,
facilities such as salons
We have introduced it.
And customers who visit the effect
It seems that the patient is feeling it.

RehabyBelt that supports your lower back with pinpoint accuracy!
This is a new belt that has never existed before!

If you are worried about your waist, why not try it once?
It can also be used as a postpartum pelvic belt.

RehabyBelt, nice! For those who thought
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For product inquiries, feel free to DM or
From the inquiry button on our official website
Please let me know ☺️


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