Just add it and your body will be healthy!


<Just take it and your body will be healthy!>

As I introduced last time, insoles can provide a variety of benefits just by placing them inside your shoes.

This time, we will introduce "ReautyInsole", which Reauty plans to release this winter.

This insole was developed by Kazuyoshi Kamada ( @kazuyoshigamada ), a doctor of science and physical therapist who is an expert on distortions, and is an item that allows you to walk energetically even after giving birth!

Its features are gentle on the soles of your feet,
It is also located in a place that firmly supports the bones!

Another feature is that instead of forcing your feet into the insole, the insole gradually changes shape to fit you.

Having your own custom insoles made will prevent your feet from getting tired and make walking easier.

After giving birth, your physical strength may not return as much as you thought it would, and you may not be able to walk or move as you did before.
The job is more tiring than I expected...
This is a common occurrence.
During pregnancy, some women experience swelling in their legs and have difficulty walking.

These insoles can be used without any problems even during pregnancy, so why not try them out to prevent swelling and support your walking energetically?

The release is scheduled for December or January!
If you're interested, please follow us to get the latest information☺️

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