Just put it in and your body will be fine!


Just put it in the shoes I introduced last time
An insole that can be expected to have various effects.

This time, Reauty is planning to release this winter.

This insole
An academic doctor and physical therapist who knows all about distortion
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada) was developed by
It is an item that you can walk well even after giving birth!

The characteristics are gentle from the soles of the feet,
and firmly
It's there to support the bones!

Also, instead of forcing your feet into the insole,
The insole gradually becomes the shape that suits you
It is also characterized by change.

The insole for exclusive use of oneself is completed
I prevent the fatigue of the foot and realize easiness of walking.

Postpartum is more than you feel
I haven't regained my strength
I can't walk or move like I used to,
Work is more tiring than I imagined...
It's a common story.
Swollen legs during pregnancy
Some people have a hard time walking.

This insole can be used without problems even during pregnancy.
To prevent edema and support walking in good health
Why don't you try using it?

The release is scheduled from December to January!
be on one's mind! For those who say
Please follow us and get future information ☺️


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