Distortions of modern people


[Distortions of modern people]

Hello. It's Reahaby.
This time, I will talk about the theme of "distortion that modern people have". 

The "distortion" here means that the joints are large.
It doesn't mean that you are wrong,
from the correct joint position
I mean, it's changed a little.

In fact, modern people do not know "distortion"
is created.

for example
・Desk work posture
・Study attitude
・Smartphone posture
・Child-holding and breast-feeding postures

All of these postures can create distortions in the body.
The perception that my body is distorted
Although it is difficult for me to become aware of
If left alone,
It may lead to bodily disorders.
Neck and stiff shoulders are often caused by "distortion".

Strain is not something that can be improved by muscle training
It is important to take appropriate action

About "the distortions of modern people"
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By all means, about "distortion",
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