Good use of RealLine Corenothorax~

ReaLine Corenoの上手な使い方~胸郭~

[Skillful use of RealLine Coreno]thorax~】
This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・Core)
Here's how to use it!

The RealLine Core is originally a set of two products,
For clarity,thoraxI will talk only.

thoraxforReaLine・Attach the core
doing simple exercises
Depending on the exercisethoraxup and down, left and right, etc.
Easier to move.

What is important here isthoraxwhen the movement of
What kind of good things are there?
for example,
●Baseball throwing motion
Arm movements in swimming
A golf swing
During sports that move the upper body a lot, such as
The ease of movement and
It is easy to notice changes in form.

This time I will introduce one exercise ↓
[Exercise to raise and lower the arm]
This exercise is especiallythoraxIt improves the anterior movement of the
(1) Take a ready posture with one hand raised from the front as high as possible.
② Move the upper hand 10-15 cm further backward, and at the same time move the lower hand 20-30 cm backward.
(3) Repeat.
This time I also included a video, so now I have itReaLine・If you have a core
Try it while watching the video!

ReaLine・ If you are interested in the core
Since there is a trial rental system from 1 week
Check out the official site on the profile link ☺️

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