A new item to trim your butt!


In the previous post, I talked about postpartum butt care.
We talked.
This time, I would like you to use it before training.
Introducing new items from Reauty!

<Reauty Perinelizer>
Reauty Perinelizer scheduled to be released next year!
This item improves the function of fine muscles around the pelvis.
It will improve!
during pregnancy to help the baby grow
In the pelvis and the internal organs will make space little by little.
In the process, various organizations inevitably got stuck together.
It will make it slippery.
This change does not reverse after birth
It is often left as is.
Reauty Perinelizer released from Reauty this time
It restores the tissue near the pelvis to its original correct function.
Easy to use!
All you have to do is sit down by aligning the two protrusions with your muscles!
(The sitting position is explained in detail in the manual that comes with it.)
Also, this is the length of the protrusion with the attached pad
because it can be adjusted
Care is possible in order from the surface layer to the deep layer.
You can easily take care of it just by placing it on a chair in your spare time and sitting down.
This is a great tip for busy moms!
Those who want to lift their buttocks tightly
Take care before training
Would you like to get the ideal hips?

detailed information about the item,
Other Reauty products,
profile link destination
You can see it from the official website ◎

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