Could the cause of your knee problems be twisting?


[Maybe the cause of your knee problems is twisting?!]

Going up and down stairs is painful
Pain when getting up from a chair
There are many different types of knee problems, such as:

The reasons for this are varied, but
One possibility is that it may be related to "twisted knee."

When I heard that my knee was twisted,
Some people may find this a little scary, but when the human body performs normal knee bending and straightening movements, there is always a slight twisting movement.

If you are suffering from knee problems, this slight twisting movement may be more or less than normal.
This may be due to changes that are not immediately noticeable.

The reason why you feel unwell when you have more or less than normal is because your body tries to make up for the difference in other parts of your body.
The burden is placed on the places where we try to compensate,
It will lead to illness.

This more or less than normal twisting can
It is created in everyday life.
It is often caused by habits such as sitting, walking, and standing.

To prevent knee sprains,
I wish I could change that habit...
Because it's my habit, I don't notice it easily.
I have a problem that I can't fix.
Therefore, we recommend using insoles as a simple preventative measure.

Insoles are often thought of as something that is used mainly on the soles and feet, but by adjusting the feet,
You can also straighten the knee above it!
More details about insoles
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