The cause of knee malfunction may be twisted? !


[maybe the cause of knee malfunction is twisted? ! ]

Going up and down stairs hurts
Pain when getting up from a chair
And so on, I think there's a variety of knee malfunction worries.

There are various reasons for this, but
One is related to "knee twist"
There is a possibility.

When I heard that my knee was twisted,
Some people may have a slightly scary image
When performing normal knee flexion and extension exercises, the human body
There is always a slight twisting motion.

For those who suffer from knee problems, this slight twisting action can help
More or less than normal
As far as you can't tell at first glance
things that have changed
It may be the cause.

more or less than normal
Why do I feel sick?
Because I try to make up for it with other parts.
A burden is placed on the place where I tried hard to make up for it,
lead to malaise.

This more or less torsion than normal
It is made in everyday life.
Habits of casual sitting posture, walking, and standing
It is often the cause.

To prevent knee twisting:
I wish I could fix that habit...
It's my habit, so I don't really notice,
I have a problem that I can't fix.
Therefore, as a simple preventive measure,
We recommend using insoles.

Insoles should be used mainly on the soles of the feet and feet.
Although it is apt to think
By fixing your feet
You can also trim the knees on top of it!
More information about insoles
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