Good use of RealLine Coreno ~ Pelvis ~

ReaLine Corenoの上手な使い方~骨盤~

[Skillful use of RealLine Coreno-pelvis-]

This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・Core)
Here's how to use it!
The RealLine Core is originally a set of two products,
For clarity this time,
I'm talking about the pelvis only.
for the pelvisReaLine・Attach the core
doing simple exercises
Depending on the exercise
Improving left and right pelvic balance
Makes it easier to move your waist.

The pelvis is located between the upper and lower body,
It has become the center of many movements.
Here's what I want you to know
Better pelvic movement
●Upper body movement
Movement of the lower body
is smooth.

This time, especially the stability of the lower body (hip joint)
Here is one exercise that will help you get stronger!

[Pelvic rotation exercise]
1) Spread your legs shoulder-width apart
 (2) Rotate the pelvis without shifting the position of the legs while keeping the eyes facing forward.
 ③ Repeat
It's a pelvic rotation exercise, so the point is to keep your legs from moving!

This time I also explain it in the video,
at handReaLine・If you have a core
Try it while watching the video!

ReaLine・ If you are interested in the core
Since there is a trial rental system from 1 week
Check out the official site on the profile link ☺️

For those who are going on an expedition
We highly recommend renting!
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