Do you need a pelvic belt?


One of the questions of postpartum moms
We often hear people asking if they need a pelvic belt.
Some mothers say that their pelvis is opened during childbirth.
If you don't wear a pelvic belt as it is
Some people think that it will be left open
It seems that you are
This time, I will answer such questions!

◆Does the pelvis remain open after childbirth? !
The answer is NO. rest assured.
For the baby to pass through the narrow birth canal during childbirth
Temporarily opens the pelvis more than usual
Then it's back to normal.
Also, even if you open the pelvis, there are many ligaments and muscles.
Because the organization maintains stability
They will not go bankrupt.

◆Do I need a pelvic belt?
The pelvis does not open, so why is there a product called a pelvic belt?
Even if the pelvis does not open wide,
From the symmetrical normal state before pregnancy
Because it can be a little off.
Even if it is misaligned, it is only a few millimeters,
Or less than that.
However, even the slightest misalignment can cause pain.
For that reason, there is a product called a pelvic belt.
By tightening the pelvis, the slight misalignment is restored.
You can raise your child comfortably!
Therefore, all postpartum moms do not need to rush to buy a pelvic belt.
In particular, the period immediately after childbirth, called the puerperal period,
Because the balance of hormones is also broken, in various places
It is easy to feel pain.
If you feel sick for a long time even after you leave the hospital
I think it's not too late to consider purchasing a belt.
Don't take it easy and talk to yourself and think about it ☺️

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