how to fix a twisted knee


[How to fix twisted knee]

In the previous post, the cause of knee pain is
I talked about "twisting the knee" may be the cause.
As a simple preventive measure,
I introduced the insole.
This time, the state that has already been twisted
Here are some items to fix!

To correct twisted knee (return to original position)
Sold by Rehaby
Rehaby Legpress(Rehaby・Leg press)
is recommended!

When you hear the word “leg press,” you think of it in training gyms.
Some people may imagine a device for training muscles
thisRehaby・Leg press
It's a little different from a muscle training machine with weights.

Easy to use, put the leg you want to fix the twist on
Just exercise to be conscious from your knees and twist your feet!
By repeating this exercise,
I come to work the muscle inside the knee well,
On the contrary, the muscles that have been tense on the outside of the knee are loose.
This inner and outer change corrects the knee twist!

By pulling with your own hand with the attached handle
As part of muscle training with a light load
It is also possible to use

For detailed usage,
You can watch it on YouTube☟
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It is possible to purchase
We recommend renting and trying it out first!
It can be rented from 1 week and can be easily returned.
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Those who have knee problems that do not get better
Would you like to try it once?

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