How to make effective use of ReaLine Socks

ReaLine Socksの有効な活用方法

<How to use ReaLine Socks effectively>
ReaLine socks are loved by many athletes as they are effective in preventing sprains, but they can also be used for other purposes besides prevention!

There are three types of socks currently available on the official website ( ●ReaLine Socks Pro ●ReaLine Socks Soft ●ReaLine Socks Soft Long.

Among these three types,
ReaLine Soft Socks can also be used as first aid after a sprain!

As I mentioned in a previous post,
Effective first aid after a sprain includes cooling and compression.
In many cases, compression is applied using elastic bandages or taping, but this compression tends to loosen with movement and the passage of time.

The Realign Soft Socks do not exert too much pressure and are made from a softer material than the socks recommended by professionals during competitions.
Therefore, the compression force is not too strong, making it ideal for compression after sprains.

Immediately after a sprain, the swelling is so severe that it may be difficult to wear socks.
It is very effective when the swelling has subsided but is still not returning to normal! It also gently supports the ankle without the need for tape when starting rehabilitation.

Please use this product not only to prevent sprains but also to help you return to competition after a sprain.
Why not keep a pair on hand?

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