Do you want to get back in shape after giving birth?


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I gained more weight than I expected during my pregnancy
There are quite a few pregnant women like that.
There is also a story that the doctor pointed out the weight at the pregnancy checkup
I hear it often.

Not eating during pregnancy makes me sick
Symptoms of morning sickness and
No change in the amount of food eaten
Due to decreased movement
It sounds like you may be gaining too much weight.

Worrying too much about your weight and feeling stressed
Not good for pregnant women
The baby in the womb needs nourishment
You can't go wrong.
Therefore, there is no need to go on a diet during pregnancy
Reauty thinks not.

But when I was born
I haven't regained my weight at all, and my body remains saggy...
No matter how much you do your sit-ups, your stomach won't go flat...
It is true that there is such a problem.

At Reauty, for those who want to get back in shape after giving birth
various items
We handle it!

For sagging stomach and buttocks
With Reauty Perinelizer
First of all, from restoring muscles that are not working well
Let's get started◎

For posture problems
With Reauty Roll,
Stretch your back and chest neatly and look beautiful ◎


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