Did you know that ReaLine Socks has a long type?

ReaLine Socksにロングタイプがあるのは知っていましたか?

ReaLine・ Socks are effective in preventing sprains
As socks, it is used habitually by many athletes
In fact, we also handle long type products!

As we introduced before,
Currently available on the official website (https://glab.shop/)
socks are
●ReaLine・Socks Pro
●ReaLine・Socks soft
●ReaLine・Socks soft long
There are three types of

Among these three types,
ReaLine・Socks soft long
ReaLine・Socks are a soft product with a long length.

originallyReaLineof socks in general
Effect of sprain prevention

Care after sprain characteristic of soft type

Prevention of edema

It is also the perfect product for

Some of our favorite athletes
There are many people who wear it during the expedition,
If you can travel long distances without your legs getting tired
I've even received compliments!

Can be used with one pair during practice, after practice, and even when there is no practice
ReaLine・How about socks soft long?
If you have one pair, you will be active in various situations!

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