A new item for comfortable walking!


I have been introducing
"Reauty Sole"
Finally released! 

What is Reauty Sole? !
Put Reauty Sole in shoes without heels such as sneakers
It's about insoles!
If you put this insole, you can expect such an effect☟
Extend your knees straight
Prevent foot fatigue
Keep your feet firmly in front
● Hip up

Even if your belly is not big during pregnancy,
Twist and hormone balance
It's a body that is easy to get tired of change.

Also, after giving birth, my physical strength has declined more than I imagined.
walking while holding a baby
I can no longer walk like I used to.
Oh my God.

This insole has a special structure,
It is designed to reduce the burden on your feet!
In addition, because he/she guides clean footwork,
Use the muscles of the whole leg firmly,
It tightens your butt
It also has some nice effects!

The table design is simple and
Inconspicuous even when tucked into shoes
The back side is feminine Reauty color pink
I took it in!

Reauty Sole that makes going out fun just by putting it in your shoes!
How do you like it?

♡ Click here to purchase Reauty products



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