Why does a supporter make your lower back easier?


[why does it make your waist easier when you do a supporter? ]

My back hurts, and when I go to the hospital, I need a supporter or a corset.
You may get it.
I'm a supporter that I get casually
About how this makes your back easier
I will tell you this time.

I think supporters are created for various purposes.
In many cases, restricting movement is painful
You have a role to play in restraining it.
To create a so-called tranquil state.

Therefore, while being a supporter
Eliminates pain or relieves pain.
Rehaby Belt sold by Rehaby (Rehaby・ Belt)
The reasoning is built in the same way.

Even if Rehaby Belt is said to be a back pain,
Especially the pelvic joints (sacroiliac joints)
Effective for pain caused by
Ascertaining that the pelvic joint is the cause,
Although it is quite difficult
If you have severe pain below your waist or around your buttocks
Possible involvement of pelvic joints.
The movement of this pelvic joint causes pain
By returning to the correct position,
You can expect pain relief.

The difference from the supporter you get at the hospital is
Rather than simply restricting movement by tightening the whole
The Rehaby Belt is a four-pad,
by directing them to the correct position
It is also a place where you can move easily!

As it is a thin, thin design,
It's hard to tell from the outside that it's wrapped
It won't get tight even if you wear it all day long!

It is also recommended for moms who have lower back problems after giving birth.

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