ReaLine・The core line-up has been changed!


<ReaLine・The core line-up has been changed! >

We have been sellingReaLine・Core
Since the product lineup has changed
I'll let you know◎

Previously, it was only sold as a set with two units,
From this year, you can purchase only one (1 unit)
Now possible!

ReaLine・The core was originallythoraxand pelvis at the same time
It was developed as a product that can
from many customers
pelvis only,thoraxVoices that want to sell only
I received it.

Even when used separately, their effects are
pelvis,thoraxbecause it is located in
Buy with confidence!

As for rental products, only 1 set for 2 units
Since it will be rented
If you would like to try it out before purchasing
Please consider renting first.

Apply for rental here ↓

In addition to the trial before purchase, rental
It is very popular before going on a long expedition!

In this season, there are many competitions that enter the preparation period before the season starts.
Why don't you take advantage of the rental system?

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