Postures to be aware of during pregnancy


As your belly grows during pregnancy
Your posture will gradually change.

As a special posture for pregnant women, it is often seen
- Head and neck protruding forward
・Extremely arched waist
・The back becomes round (hunchback)
It is a feature.
These postures will help your baby grow.
To some extent, it can be said that change is inevitable.

However, this attitude may continue even after giving birth.
Despite having a clean stomach after giving birth
The reason why the posture does not return to the original state is that the tissues such as muscles are damaged during pregnancy.
Because it sticks!

Even if a pregnant woman is obviously in this position
I often have no idea
If you don't, the neck and head are out in front of you with a stooped back.
Don't you feel like it's kind of spicy?

That's right.
This kind of posture, such as stooping,
It puts a lot of strain on your shoulders and neck.
Of course, the curved waist also puts a burden on the waist.

Therefore, at Reauty, from the time of pregnancy,
Be careful to return your posture to its pre-pregnancy state.
I think it is necessary.
Specifically, check your posture in the mirror at least once a day.
It's about being conscious of good posture!
It is difficult to restore the posture by checking once a day,
Just let your body memorize good posture
Postpartum posture will be easier to get back!

It is also sold at Reauty after giving birth.
We recommend that you adjust your posture with
Even if you just lie down in your spare time, you can stretch your spine and regain your beautiful posture!

Postpartum moms are tired,
I am busy and
Sometimes I find it hard to find time for myself,
Baby calms down a little,
Only that time can be used
There is also the goodness of this item!

Would you like to get your good posture back with ReautyRoll?

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