Are you cheating on the fly?


[Are you cheating on the spot? ]

As a problem for those who mainly do desk work
Back pain is the most common problem.
Besides desk work,
The same is true for jobs that involve a lot of traveling by car.

What do you do when you feel pain in your lower back?

For reasons such as being busy with work and not being able to go to the hospital
take painkillers,
Get a massage anyway
And don't you cheat on the spot?

Painkillers and massage will certainly help temporarily
After that, the pain usually returns.
Repetition may make it difficult to heal.

In other words, it's not a quick fix, but when you feel you're not feeling well
It needs to be cured from the root.
Many back problems are
It is often associated with pelvic distortion.
This distortion results in a sensation of pain.

To prevent distortion, it is important to
It's about reviewing the chair and posture you're sitting on.

Therefore, Rehaby recommends
Rehaby Chair(Rehaby・Chair)!
This chair guides your pelvis into a good position just by sitting on it.
Prevents distortion and increases the stability of the joints in the pelvis.
In other words, it is a nice chair that improves the root cause of pain!

Because it is a legless chair type, it can be placed on the chair you usually use.
You can use it just by placing it like a cushion.
It is possible to purchase it, but first of all, in order to experience the effect
We recommend using the rental system, which can be rented from 2,000 yen per week☟

Click here to purchase Rehaby products


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