What is the problem that is reducing your work efficiency?


[What is the problem that reduces your work efficiency?] ]

There are many different types of jobs when it comes to jobs.
A job where desk work is the center and you just sit,
A job that involves walking around the outside,
Jobs that use the body, such as carrying heavy loads, etc.

This time, it is easy to handle with its various work contents
Rehaby items that solve physical problems
I will introduce you at once!

Jobs centered on desk work
For jobs that focus on sitting computer work, meetings, etc.
I have a lot of problems with my shoulders and back.
For such people, just put it on a regular chair
Protect your pelvis and maintain good posture
Rehaby Chair(Rehaby・Chair) is recommended!

A job that requires a lot of walking around
Those who walk around the outside, such as sales people, often have knee problems.
For such people, it corrects the twist of the knee and restores light movement.
Rehaby Legpress(Rehaby・Leg press) is recommended!

Jobs centered on carrying luggage and desk work
Even if you are sitting or moving, you are worried about your lower back
Recommended for those who want to put away
Rehaby Belt(Rehaby·belt)
Because there is no sense of incongruity even if you wear it all day,
while moving and sitting
Both are available!

Items that might solve your problem
Did you find it?

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