How to use RealLine Coreno skillfully -Pelvis edition-

ReaLine Corenoの上手な使い方~骨盤編~

[How to use RealLine Coreno skillfully - pelvis edition -]

This time RealLine Core (ReaLine・How to use core)
Introducing "Pelvic Symmetry Exercise"!

The RealLine Core is originally a set of two products,
To make it easier to understand this time, I will only talk about the pelvis.

for the pelvisReaLine・Attach the core
doing simple exercises
Depending on the exercise
Improving left and right pelvic balance
Makes it easier to move your waist.

As I always post,
The pelvis is located between the upper and lower body,
It has become the center of many movements.
Here's what I want you to know
When the pelvis becomes symmetrical
●Upper body movement
Movement of the lower body
is smooth.

If the left and right of the pelvis are distorted, that alone
It becomes difficult to move the body.
This time, for the symmetry of the pelvis
Here's an exercise that works!

【Forward bending exercise】
①Open your legs lightly
② As it is, bend forward as much as you can.
③ Repeat forward bending → returning to the original posture
It is good to do it as rhythmically as possible ◎

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