Voices of Rehaby Legpress users

Rehaby Legpress愛用者様の声

[Voices of users of Rehaby Legpress]

It corrects twisting of the knee and realizes smooth knee movement.
Rehaby Legpress(Rehaby・Leg press)!

We have heard from many of our users.
This time, from those who hurt their knees at work,
Thank you for your comment!

(Full text of the person's impression)
I hurt my knee at work, so I continued working while taking painkillers.
I used it after being recommended by a doctor at a chiropractor to prevent recurrence of pain after treatment.
My knee is better than before it hurt, and now I don't have pain.
 I also play baseball as a hobby, but since it doesn't hurt, I was able to resume it.
I can throw a good ball with better knee stability than before.

Twisting of the knee joint is not caused by a single injury,
It is caused by repeated gradual twisting movements.
This leg press
By repeating the normal movement of the twist
I'll fix it.
In addition, since it is possible to apply a load,
You can also do muscle training as it is!

You can buy a leg press,
Recommended for short-term rentals!

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