The story of the birth of RealLine products ~Socks~


This time,ReaLine・Socks
Under what circumstances was it developed?
ReaLine product developer's doctor of medicine and physical therapist
Kazuyoshi Kamata (@kazuyoshigamada)but
What inspired you to develop the product?
I will tell you.

What taping is
At sports sites or medical sites
It's one of the most useful tools.
However, taping also has various problems.

・Expert knowledge of taping
no trainer in the team
・ It is a waste of time because it is out of place and needs to be rewound.
・Surprisingly expensive

In order to solve these problems, Kamata
I wonder if there is a taping that can be done easily
was developed byReaLine・Socks!

Anyone can wear socks
It is an activity of daily life.

again,ReaLine・Pro and soft socks
Since there are also two types of
For those who want to keep their ankles firmly in place
I have a sprain in the past, so I want to fix it lightly
There is also a feature that it can be used widely.

The secret story behind the development of this product is currently on the YouTube channel
It is also published in "Kazuyoshi Kamata's Distortion Laboratory"!

Products that I always use
I would like to use it from now on
Behind-the-scenes stories about the products you are considering,
Why don't you listen to it?

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